What is Dad-a-base?

Dad-a-base is a parenting blog for green and veteran fathers alike; Moms too ;)

Dad-base is a place where my family and friends share parenting anecdotes, stories, and a variety of content related to parenting.

Dad-a-base is also the name of an application/website I plan on developing and this page will eventually be the source of much of the app/website’s user generated content.

What’s the app/website about?

Dad-a-base, the app/website, will be a free tool for parents to quickly check the safety and efficacy of ingredients, medicines, and parenting strategies. Dad-a-base is open-source, ad-free, and spawned from the core belief that the exploitation of parents and their children must end. Dad-a-base is meant to provide objective, factual information that is verified by the scientific communities across pediatrics, psychology, sociology, etc., e.g. the efficacy and safety of vaccines.

So, what’s Dad-a-base?

The bottom line: Dad-a-base, the app/website, is a tool for providing clear, reliable, no nonsense, sceintifically verifiable information for parents. Dad-a-base, the blog, is a place for new parents, as well as veteran parents, to read the anecdotes and lessons learned from my family to yours.

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